Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why the Beeping?

I just can't handle it that horrible repeating sound I get to hear everyday on trax. If you have ever ridden the trax you know exactly what I mean. The doors open and the high pitch beeping begins. In DC there is a nice " ding dong" sound when the doors to the metro open and close. Even New York has a not so irritating sound when the doors open and close in the subway. I try turning up my IPOD so it drowns it out but it doesn't work. If you have never noticed it,good for you, don't start to notice it because it could just drive you crazy.
Another thing, you know how when you go in an elevator and the door gets ready to close and you stick an arm out to keep it open, well don't ever try that in the subways in New York because you may lose an arm. There we are almost at the airport in New York and Joe tells me that the next stop we get off so of course next stop doors open i walk half way out and Joe stops to look at the map just to make sure. Well while he is safe in the train I am standing half in the subway and half out. Then here come the doors they start to close but I'm not worried because they should sense that I am in the doorway, but they keep on closing. Before I know I am yelling Joes name and am now stuck in between the doors. Yep that's right smashed right in the middle like an Oreo. Joe had to pull the doors open, luckily I am still one piece today!


Wendi said...

You are lucky to be around. (Dorothy you aren't in Kansas anymore when it comes to subways) The high pitch "buzz" is a little irritating on traxx and I have noticed it before. It is more of a buzz to say get lost rather then a nice hello, good to see you and glad you chose to ride traxx. You have great pics to represent how much fun you had back east. What a great time! Glad you are back safe and sound.

Jen Coccimiglio said...

you are so right about the beeping. it is horrible. it is the sound i imagine them subjecting prisoners to so that they will leak information.

dave and i sat on trax a couple of months ago to ride from abravanel to the gateway (huge long ride, i know), and seriously, the sound went off every 5 seconds. not that we were leaving in 5 seconds. oh no, we had to sit through that noise for like 15 minutes. pretty soon, enough was enough and we just hoofed it. walking outside in 10 degrees is way preferable to 1 minute of the beeping.

apparently, i had a lot to say about the beeping.