Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DC & NY Highlights

So we just got back this morning from New York. Our flights was at 6:50AM and since we took the subway from Harlem we left at 3AM, so I may be a little delirious. No time for catching up on my sleep though it's straight to work and school for me today. If none of this makes since then I may still be asleep. Lets start with Joe's genius idea of making one flight into two. Our flight was from SLC with a layover in DC and then off to NY. Well since we wanted to stay in DC once we got to the airport Joe just told Delta that we weren't going to make our connection and was wondering if we could take it on Saturday. And it worked, I admit I doubted but of course it worked. So we made it to DC Thursday around 4.

April 3rd- From the airport got onto the metro and went straight to our hotel. We weren't in DC for very long and we had a lot to see so we dropped off our stuff bundled up ( since it was raining) and off we went. First stop Potbelly's ( we ate there every day). It's Joe's favorite and I didn't love it on day one but day to it was to die for. We then walked and walked in the rain and say the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the refelcting pool, WW2 Memorail and Vietnam War memorial. That took about 3 hours of straight rain and the unberalla ddin't help because it was windy so we were soaked head to toe but it was worth it.

April 4th- Left the hotel at 9AM to go walk around Joe's old office and the we had an east wing tour of teh white house. I've decided if I ever lived there, there would be some redecorating because it is so old fashion, but really neat to see everything. Then of course a quick stop at Potbelly's and some mroe walking. We say some measums, FDR Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorail and beautiful cherry blossoms. Around 5 o'clock i turned from a 22 year olf to about a 60 year odl ebcause my feet and back could no longer hold me up, I was so tired. That night we went out with Joe's friend Tim and saw teh beautiful DC temple,and went to teh meeting place. Let me tell you joe and Tim love the meeting place. We were the only white people getting our grove on to some good kareokee music.

April 5th-8th- Left for NY. Overall our New York part wasn't as much sight seeing because we both have already seen everything so it was a lot more slow pace. We hung out with Courtney adn Josh adn went to the top of the rockefellar building at night which was beautiful! We did a lot of walking around time square. On sunday we saw Hair Spray on braodway which was my first show. I loveed it, we got front row for $25 which was a steal! Monday we went to the antural history measum which is probably as big as New York itself. It's huge and took about 2 hours to walk around and I still don't think we saw everything. Monday night though we went to a Yankees game ( thank you Uncle Ron) and sat behind homeplate. That is alwasy a fun experience, but not fun when Joe gets a ticket for jumping the subway gate because his dumb card didnt work and losing your phone all in about 20 minutes of eachother. Other than tose 2 mishaps New York was alright.

I have decided after much consideration that DC is the better place. It's clean ( doesn't smell like pee like NY), people are nicer, food is better and cheaper. Plus you just can't beat teh cherry blossoms.

*Joe being part of history at the Rockefellar Building
*Natural History Measum in NY, this is my fav!
* Our first shot in DC, of course at PotBelly's

* Lincoln Memorial day 1, soaking wet!
* Joe's amazing photography skills. Beautiful cherry blossoms
* Eating some good dessert at Serendipity with Court & Josh
* Top of the Rock


Aubrey Lang said...

TORI!! looks like you had a lot of fun, I stumbled across your blog from Ryan and Amber's and I'm so glad I did!

Julie and Tyson said...

Tori it sounds like you guys had a blast! I am jealous! I'm trying to persuade Tyson that it would be more fun to go to NYC then San Fransisco. I guess he's still hooked on getting a convertable and riding it down the PCH! haha. Anyways, we shall see. By the way, my brother Matt came up for conference and I went to pick him up on Sunday cause he stayed with us for a day or two and I saw Ximmer! (and Brookes) But I was excited to see him even if he called me Emily. We're still friends though...

Tiffany Baker said...

I'm sorry I couldn't locate you to your Pinkberry, I hope you found it.
Peace my nigga