Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend of Love

So i tried uploading pictures from this weekend but I was unable to do so. I'm sure Courtney's blog has some pictures form this weekend so if you want to see what we did this weekend just look at hers. This weekend made me realize a lot of little things I love.

I love going on group dates and just talking about nonsense, I love that when I start laughing everyone stops and waits for a snort ( I usually with hold from giving them one), I love that people think I can't hear them when I start laughing, I love my girl gossip sessions and then having someone end it with " but she means well", I love having girl days of shopping, I love Joe's farmer tan from golf, I love having dinner parties, I love falling asleep on the couch because Joe and I are too lazy to walk 10 feet, and I love when Joe grabs my hand every time we walk down the stairs.


The Alvords said...

I love all of those things too. I'm so glad we are playing more!

Julie and Tyson said...

Those are a lot of loves that I love! We need to hang out more... So let's plan something!! Love ya!

Chris&Breanne said...

It was a good weekend! That is so funny! Ok so now you have to help make my blog cute like yours!:) It needs some serious help!