Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend of Weddings!

Besides this weekend just being oh so amazing weather Joe and I had a fun field Saturday of weddings. Carly and Wattsie got married! We were so excited we could be there. The sealing was beautiful and the lunch-in couldn't have gone better. Everything pulled together quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Wattsie's toast had so much love in it just thinking of it makes me wanna tear up. I'm so glad that they can finally be married because playing the newlywed game while they were engaged isn't nearly as fun as playing when you're married.

After all morning and after noon with them we drove on up to Layton for my cousins reception. I'm so glad we got to go because I love seeing her and my uncle Bob and Aunt Sue were there too and they are always so fun to see! Kelsey I think is an all star bride. Some of her pictures were taken in a river somewhere. Not just by a river but IN a river wedding dress and all. Laying down in the water and everything they were gorgeous. It made me want to get in my wedding dress and jump in a lake.

* Carly and Wattsie fresh out of the temple!

* All the boys at the temple

* The married women, I'm glad Carly finally has joined!

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Julie and Tyson said...

Okay tori where did you get your dress because i might just have to get it!! I love your hair too! It looks so cute! When are we hangin out again?? This time with the boyz...