Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finals... Shminals?

So all day today I have done a paper, I have just finished and was moving on to study for final number 1 until I realized that I need to pace myself or I may have a heart attack. This weekend I should be studying all weekend but Joe decided to go on another mini-vaca. Joe and his vacations, honestly we just got back from DC 2 weeks ago. This time were just taking a short little drive to Mesquite. I know Mesquite I didn't know people vacationed there either but apparently they do. It should be about 80 degrees so that well be a nice change from these snowy days in Salt Lake. Thanks to Heather we got a room for $50 a night with $10 per night/ per person food passes and 3 free games a bowling a night! Yeah I know you can't beat it. It's not like we're bored of Salt Lake but there is only so much you can do. And instead of trying a new restaurant or something Joe rather try a new hotel. A little more pricey than food, but who needs to save money right? Joe is now graduated ( well not really because he didn't apply) so he really now has all the time in the world. Which means if you see us on the streets because we spent all our money on vacations just remember that we would help you. So i''l try to go with Joe's approach more vacation and finals? more like shminals?


The Alvords said...

Have fun! We'll miss you this weekend. Oh by the way, we are doing Car's bridal shower on Wed of next week. She wanted you to be there. I want to go on a mini vaca. Boo!

Wendi said...

I talked to Jo Jo about your weekend getaway. Super fun, Tori. Have a good time and I'm so glad you are able to enjoy some warm weather.

Brittany & Blake said...

Hey Tori! How fun I love mini vacations and just getting away..I hope you guys have fun!