Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shoe Day!

I just love Saturdays. They are the one day that we can finally sit and do whatever we want. The rest of the week Joe and I are in school and then work and then soccer and some more soccer and so on. But not Saturdays, Saturdays there are no plans and we do whatever we may feel like. So this Saturday we decided to take some shoes back and run some errands. Well let me tell you Joe takes forever picking out shoes! I have been shopping with some girls that try on everything in the store but I don't think they would ever take as long as picking out shoes as Joe does. Boys and girls have different takes on shoes. I go into a store see a cute shoe try it on ( it may not be very comfortable) and buy it, if it's something I love. Oh know not boys, they find a shoe try it on walk around for an hour in the store, while at the same time looking for other shoes to try on and compare with. Even if it's the exact same shoe but different colors they got a try them on. Seriously they feel the exact same ones red and ones blue just pick. We were in famous footwear for at least an hour, trying on the same shoe. Then we finally found it, the perfect one, but of course now he has to try on a different size and of course they don't have it. So now we're trucking along over to Taylorsville to get the shoe. And of course when we got there Joe's eyes went wondering and found about 3 other shoes to try on. And after another 45 minutes we finally got the perfect shoe. So in all I'm glad he found a pair that works for him because I'm sure he'll be much more comfortable walking around in DC then I well be ( even though my shoes are much cuter)!


Jen Coccimiglio said...

I remember going shoe shopping with Dave when we were dating. I think we went to like 15 stores.

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The Alvords said...

Aren't boys funny? Josh does the same thing with clothes. He will try something out and start listing pros and cons about the item. Then he tries to talk himself out of buying it, then into buying it again, then goes to look at other colors, so on and so on. He takes so long to shop these days. It cracks me up because I never thought he would be one to care about how he looked. He shopped at DI and Savers his entire adult life until we got married. Kind of funny. Boys are so complicated. We are simpler creatures, like you said, if it looks cute and they have your size, we buy it!

Shari said...

HELLO!!!! Beauty first-it's just how we girls roll!!! Love you and your cute shoes! Shari Lyn

Julie and Tyson said...

Yeah I agree with Shari! She knows what's happening... Well at least your man will buy shoes. I have to force Tyson to buy a pair he likes or I just go out and buy them for him. I think this is where his "cheap" side comes in (don't tell him i said that). :)