Friday, October 24, 2008

Men Are From mars Women Are From Venus

I have been thinking a lot lately how different me and women are. I can't believe that 2 objects so different can connect so well( most of the time). When your dating most girls well be totally fine and contempt with just being with her boyfriend all day everyday and can be happy. But the boys, they can't do that they are just fine seeing their girlfriend a couple hours and the off to boy time. Girls want to talk, about anything, boys want to do anything besides talking. Since I have been married talking is like my sex. As long as Joe and I are talking I feel like were doing alright and that things are just fine between us. But if for some reason Joe doesn't want to talk then i think something might be wrong. Well guess what nothings wrong he is just perfectly fine sitting next to me and is just as happy being quite as he is talking ( probably even more happy). When it's time to get married girls have it in their heads that this is going to be great, you can be together every hour your not working. It's even better than dating because you live together. Boys see it as the same thing as dating, now your married the only difference is you throw sex into the mix( well for some people that's the only difference). I was just thinking about the first couple months Joe and I were married and I was a nut. Joe wants' to play games with his brothers until 6 in the morning... WHAT!! that is ridiculous he should want to be with me, our marriage is doomed. Joe wants to play soccer on Friday night when that's our date night, obviously a 40 minute games means that takes up our whole night and there is no time for just him and me. I swear any time Joe wanted to do something that didn't 100% involve me I thought our marriage was done and he was already sick of me. Then a couple months pass and I slowly start to realize that Joe loves me just as much when he plays soccer, or plays games, or just has a boys sports night( probably loves me a little more if I don't give him a hard time). SO if your planning on getting married any time soon, girls go into the marriage like a boy and their well be a lot less contention. Your significant other ( i hate that term) loves you that's why your getting married even if he wants to play soccer 3 nights a week. It's just funny looking back and seeing how irrational I was and how much happier we are now, now that I'm not completely crazy. So first stop tonight on date night soccer game and then off to pumpkin carving!


J. Brewster said...

If talking is like sex...then I think you might be doing something wrong.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

I totally know what you are saying! Nathan likes to have alone time and he plays baseball on Thursday nights, and was like you, it first I didn't understand why he didn't want to be with me whenever possible, but then I realized it is healthy to have time apart and give each other breathing room. I am right there with you!

Bowman's Beach said...