Friday, October 17, 2008

I Heart DC

I heart everything about DC from the pleasant sound in the metro, to the historical sites. DC has everything, the exciting motorcades, the serious secret service, the friendly bums, the beautiful buildings, I could seriously live there and be in awe everyday. We just got back from DC yesterday and it was amazing. Joe and I went in April of this year as well and this time we saw all new things. I'm sure each time we go I could see new and different things that I missed this trip and last trip. I'm not a very political person and don't know to much, unlike my sister-in-law Jen( she is a machine and I wish I knew as much as she did), but I am just in complete amazement of DC. This time we got to go in the west wing of the White House and we saw a Marine 1 departure with the President. It was really the coolest thing I have ever seen. While we were there we saw some museums and just so happen at one museum Lara Bush and Silvio Berlusconi ( Prime Minister of Italy) were there. We saw them pull up and Dave made some comment to Berlusconi, Lara Bush waved at me... just joking Jen she waved at Jen but I like to think that I intercepted that wave. It was pretty amazing seeing them up close. While we were there we went to a museum with all the Presidents portraits and they had a section about the Assassination of Lincoln( or as Joe and Dave call him, Beardy). I just can't imagine people killing a president. While I watched Bush get on Marine 1 no matter how much you don't like his presidency how could any one just kill him, that just doesn't make sense to me. During the west wing tour on the way to the Oval Office there is a hallway of pictures capturing Bush just as he is. And they are some amazing pictures, fishing with his dogs and doing some yard work and he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he just has the kindest face I think and just don't see why or how people could hate an individual so much that it would drive them to murder.
Anyways I am going to be one of those wives for a second and say how awesome my husband is. Joe is just like Steve Martin on Baby Mama( not the awkward part) because he is one of those people that has just done everything. Hopefully he'll want to do things again so I can enjoy the adventures he has already been on. Joe has taken the last desert from the Ambassador of Peru, has interned at the white house, has traveled just about every where and he is still going. Thanks to his experiences it allowed me and Dave and Jen to experience some things that not everyone can do. I am a little jealous of him because I don't have nearly as exciting stories as he does, but hopefully i can accumulate some throughout our marriage.
Here are just a couple of pics from DC....

Joe and Tim ( who took us on the West Wing tour) were interns together and now Tim works at the White House. Thanks Tim for the awesome tour. Joe and Tim in front of the White House

Just hanging out in the rose garden at the White House.

In front of the Capital

Joe, me, Dave, Jen at Arlington Cemetery where we saw JFK's grave site and changing of the guards.
No the brightest picture but this is Iwo Jima, it is really amazing to see in person.

In front of the Oval office, Thanks Joyce for the Marine 1 departure. The guard in front of the doors means the President is in the office.

Marine 1, it got a little windy, and by a little I mean a lot when the helicopter landed.


powell811 said...

Hey tori!! how are you? I haven't seen your in forver!! I love DC too I'm way jealous that you got to go there!!! Im glad you had fun!!

hijodi said...

SOOOO fun Tori!! Your trip sounded great. It's so fun to get away, especially to places you love so much. Where to next?!

Annie said...

so did you get on the helicopter with George W???

The Alvords said...

Oh my gosh, how cool!!!! I'm so glad you guys got to go, it looks like you had an amazing trip. Next time, take us in your suit cases.

Brooke and Matt said...

Looks like you had a great trip!!! I need to go to DC, your pics make it seem so cool.

Jen Coccimiglio said...

sounds like dc was a blast! oh wait, i know it was 'cause we were there together! boo-ya! ii must admit, i have been experiencing some tori withdrawels. you are just way too fab to be around. in fact, the only thing i don't miss is the sound of joe going to the bathroom with the door open (he he).

speaking of sounds, how is the trax sound treating you?

Jessica Bleifer and Jason Apperson said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Jason and I have always wanted to go. Maybe you'll inspire us to finally plan something. It was so great to see you last month!

Julie and Tyson said...

Fun trip Tor Tor! By the way I love your hair!! I need to call you soon so we can get together! Love ya