Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fantasy (fill in the blank sport)

Just putting it out there I hate fantasy sports. I hate how much they consumer your life and how much silence they bring to the home. I hate that when one season is almost over another season starts. I hate the time that is put into fantasy sports: drafting, trading, score checking, stat keeping. I'm grateful for TIVO because with out that I think I would shoot myself in the foot to get out of watching sports 7 days a week.Yes I do hate fantasy sports, but I do still love you hunny.

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Jen Coccimiglio said...

dang, tori. i was just about to call and ask if you wanted to join my fantasy ncaa women's basketball league. the pre-season fantasy training session is this saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on sunday. on monday, we were going to make a trip to joanne's to buy fabric for our fantasy nerd uniforms. tuesday, we were going to go to the library to research the history of ncaa women's basketball so that on wednesday, we could write 12 page reports (single-spaced). Thursday was to be spent watching old game films to determine which teams prefer a zone defense versus man to man. And friday, well friday was going to be the big day! we were going to print life-sized posters of the players we wanted to draft and then have fake interviews with them about the upcoming season.

it wasn't going to be too much work! we were just going to meet every night from 5:30 to 10:00 to discuss the basketball action of the day (or if there were no games, we were just going to make stuff up). and besides, the season only last until the end of march. so basically, it is barely a commitment.

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