Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cancun gone so Soon

We just got back from Cancun and it was amazing! I just love those vacations that all you have to do is relax. It was nice not doing homework or worrying about having to catch up on school work. All we had to do was relax by the ocean, sleep and eat life couldn't get much better. We visited Isla Mujeres and went snorkeling and rode a scooter all over town. Without having that scooter I think I might have melted away. Luckily we got some speed on that hog so the wind was nice and refreshing. I have now been disappointed twice by Cancun snorkeling, I guess I was just hoping for the best. We did find a little taco hut that had delicious shrimp tacos plus it was like 5 bucks for 3 so we couldn't go wrong. Oh how we love vacations and love that we go on them quit often. Can't wait until October for a little cruising time!

Our little taco shop ( don't know the name), but check out the picture behind us... you know it's good if they have decorations like that.

Our 1st picture in Cancun. We're at our hotel with the beach 10 steps away, it was a great place for naps.

Scooting right along on Isla Mujeres

Just relaxing at the beach on some hammocks. What you can't see is some awesome dogs that I think were getting ready to die at any minute.

Our first Cancun sunset

We woke up nice and early for this sunrise
Drinking some coconut milk, not the greatest thing. But eating the fresh coconut afterwards is way better than that store bought stuff.

Our last meal in Cancun and by far our best! if you ever go you should eat at Sisal it was DELICIOUS

I'm not sure what is going on here, should I be jealous?


Julie and Tyson said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun. I'm jealous! What a nice tan you have there too! Now we can play since your back...

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

That's awesome that you guys were able to do that! I am jealous!

The Alvords said...

so so so so jealous. It looks like you had an awesome time. I can't wait to go.

Robin said...

The only thing you have to do next time to make your trip even better is TAKE YOUR MOM and Dad!

Adam & Samantha said...

that looks so fun! vacations are so nice and usually much needed! glad you were able to sneak off and spend some quality alone time in a beautiful place!

the organic kitchen said...

cancun is beautiful. I have never seen as pretty and blue an ocean. And yes, I am not sure if you should be jealous or worried..... Joe looks entirely too happy to be pressed up against that guy.

The Yorkies said...

I'm pretty jealous... i know i just got back from my honeymoon a month ago, but Ry and me would be happy to go with u two next time :)