Thursday, June 16, 2011

Packing = Cleaning

Why is it when you're the busiest you seem to have the need to clean your house. Not just pick up but deep clean like you've never cleaned before( and when I say you I mean I but it sounds more like I'm not the only one). While I am thinking of packing for our vacation and the million things I need before we go I open the fridge and decide it needs a clean. I don;t even know how food ends up in some of the places it does. As I move to the bottom of the fridge I realize my floors need to be mopped, then my steal appliances need to be polished and it is a never ending cycle. I do love coming home to a clean home after vacations so I only have to worry on unpacking. I just know once the unpacking starts then the cleaning well start all over. Really I don't even have time to clean because lets face it Finn is not the best napper all the time. It's like he knows I am busy doing other things so he wants to wake up and play and make more messes so instead of relaxing while he sleeps i get to clean more. If he weren't so cute some days I think I may go crazy. Anyways packing leads to cleaning unpacking leads to more cleaning something leads to another something and there is no time for anything, but i love every busy moment...just joking I don't but seriously.

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