Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 4 years

We made it a whole 4 years and we are still happy and married. this year we didn't have just one day of celebration, well Joe did, but I had 12 days. Everyday Joe left a note behind explaining what well happen on that certain day. I felt like a little kid waiting for Santa every morning. I am so grateful to you, Joe, for making me feel loved every day( with or without gifts). I know , I know as years go on and we get into double digits the anniversaries are going to be interrupted with kids and with the busyness of life, but I'll take what I can get for now. So from now on I well be expecting the 12 days of our anniversary every year. Just joking, but seriously do it. Thank you Josh and Court for getting married so I could give my number out to Thurm and Brock. Which led to me stocking Joe and asking Thurm for his number. So I guess I owe a thank you to Thurm too for first making me feel stupid in asking for Joe's number but then said he was joking and gave it to me. I'm so glad I wore the yellow skirt the day I did and dropped it like it was hot to get Joe to recognize me. Again thank you yellow skirt, rap music, girl's choice slow dance and Joe for not waiting for me to ask him to dance on girl's choice. Thank you for taking a chance on me and making me the happiest wife, now mom, ever. I love you and am excited for our many more anniversaries ( and awesome present ideas...again just joking, but seriously...)


About us Everts... said...

Haha. Happy 4yr anniversary! Mine is in a few days and it will be 5 years for us! I love the gift idea he did. I may just have to hint about that to Fred. It's true that kids do get in the way... we'll probably just go out to dinner to celebrate. Hope you have many more happy wedded years of bliss!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow 4 years already!? Time flies when you're having fun! You guys are the cutest but little Finn just might be cuter. :) Love ya!

Melody's Voice said...

So cute. Happy anniversary!!!