Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maybe a Theme

So lately I have had no clue was to blog about. I thought I could blog about Finn of course everyday, but I think only so many people want to read about how many times he tried to crawl in a day. By so many people I mean me and maybe Joe. I thought I could make up a perfect family and make fun of people because I think I ma better then everyone else, but then I realized I had a life. I could be a food critic but then everyone would know how much crap I eat. I could blog about my workouts at Pure Workout and hoe ridiculous they are and how much I sweat and get my butt kicked everyday. Again I think only myself would enjoy that. I can people watch and make fun of people, but my New Year's resolution is to not make fun of people, so that wouldn't work. For now you are just stuck with me and my family and random thoughts every now and then. On that note here is what we have been up to...

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