Friday, May 27, 2011

Name Picking Vs. Parenting

Question: Which is harder picking a name or parenting?Answer: Both suck in their own way but end up being pretty good. I've decided no matter what you do there is someone that is going to criticize. Name picking for Findley was one of the hardest decisions. In fact I had a list of names and around 8 months of pregnancy I decided I hated all the names and started all over. Findley actually didn't even come until the day he was born. I hated sharing names with people, not because i was afraid someone would take the name but because EVERY ONE has something to say about it. I should have just been like my parents and left the birth certificate blank so one day when Finn needs a driver's licence or passport he could pick his own name. Then baby came and Findley was his name and now we had to do this parenting thing. People always quote me books or say I should do this or that, but guess what every child is different and just because a book says something doesn't mean it is right. No body is the perfect parent yet every body wants to tell you their right. You're wrong if your child is on a schedule, you're wrong if they're not, you're wrong if you formal feed, you're wrong if they take a binki, you're wrong if they don't sleep through the night or don't take naps, if you're child cries you are a bad parent, if you love your child to much you're bragging yada yada yada blah blah blah. Now that name picking is over with, hopefully we don't screw up our children too bad with this parenting gig.


Brooke and Matt: said...

I totally agree Tori! No one can tell you what is right for your child, only you know that. But of course people LOVE to broadcast their opinions! Oh and I love the name Finn, good job!

Jake and Kim said...

i so agree with you! I have learned that every family and baby is different and you just do what works for your own. and guess what they will turn out JUST FINE!

joe cocci said...

I agree with the fact that it doesn't mean it's true if it's in a book. The only true words of wisdom are from email forwards... I think everyone knows that.