Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sometimes you have really good days. Sometimes you have really bad days. Sometimes your life may seem perfect and sometimes that may all go away. Sometimes people need to just cry. Sometimes people need to just laugh. Sometimes you don't fit into that pair of jeans. And sometimes you may look amazing in them. Sometimes a punch to the wall is the only thing that well make you feel good or a loud scream. Sometimes sitting in silence is the best answer. Sometimes people don't really know what they want. Sometimes people only see what they want. Sometimes you shouldn't blog about random thoughts. Sometimes you're super creative. Sometimes you're just grey. Sometimes your scale reads heavier than you want. Sometimes a McDouble sounds delicious. Sometimes you want to throw up by the words McDouble. Sometimes writing is the only person you have to talk to. Sometimes those heels make your legs fat. Sometimes you're invincible. Sometimes you don't know when to stop. Sometimes it's ok to splurge. Sometimes when you do splurge it's better not to go into full detail. Sometimes on sale prices aren't that great, but you need it because it's on sale. Sometimes you live in a castle. Sometimes you smile. Sometimes it's hard to smile. Sometimes is just sometimes though. It's ok to mess up sometimes, it's every time that can break hearts or make days.

* Yes I know I'm super creative and random and but I haven't really had any updates so this is what you get.


leslie said...

Tori you are super cute!! I really like you random thoughts!!! Love you!

Ambs said...

sorry this is amber by the way.... ha ha I am on my sister n laws computer and sent it under her name, he he oops

ximmer8 said...

this is incredible. who wrote it. you should publish this. break up with line breaks like a random poem and put me down as author. --raoul duvinage