Thursday, June 3, 2010

St. Lucia

Last week Joe and I went to St. Lucia and it was gorgeous. We stayed with Neil and Catie on Neil's parent's sail boat. Yes, literally a sail boat and we sailed for 6 days around St. Lucia. I have been to the Caribbean a lot but I have didn't remember it being so hot and humid. We stayed at gorgeous beaches and resorts, ate some interesting local food, and met the friendliest people. It was a nice much needed vacation but after sweating for 6 days I think I may need a vacation from our vacation, and since Joe loves vacations I feel a little Vacation Joe coming out before Father Joe gets here.

* Catie & I on the dingy between the pitons

* Our last port at Rodney Bay Joe found a pastry shop. We really ordered about 6 times in a span of 2 hours and every time the lady saw us she just laughed but I'm sure was grateful we cleaned out her apple turnovers and ham and egg croissants. It was delicious!

* most pictures are of me behind Joe but they finally convinced me to do a belly pic. I'm 21 weeks I believe.

* My feet swelled up once I got there and then went down a little. One night while at dinner my legs got attack by bugs and my ankle swelled up like I've never seen. My calves and ankles swelled up so bad on our plan ride home I could barley walk because my skin was pulled so tight. I'm just glad they are slowly going back to normal and not everything on me is getting fat with pregnancy.

* Some little ruins we found on a hike. The hike was a pretty little hike through a rain forest.

*One morning Ellen took us to a floating dock and we did Qui Qong or Chi Chong some type of meditation and of course Joe had to do it in snorkel gear.

* Joe and I at the Pitons one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen.

* Joe and I at the front of the sail boat, starting our sea adventures.

* These 2 really loved each other the whole trip. They defiantly were each other's biggest fans and laughed all day long. Catie & I didn't think they were as funny as they thought they were, but we still love them.


Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

You look adorable with your pregnant belly. Don't hide it :)

Two Healthy Sisters said...

You are so freaking cute! I LOVE your belly pictures!!!! You rocked the bikini. Hearing about your trip last night was one of the highlights of my life.

Everts said...

I agree with Melody! Don't hide the tummy! You will regret it later! Plus, you look adorable! I can't rock the two piece anymore because of stretch marks so enjoy you hot body and show it! :)

Julie said...

sooooo jealous. Wish we could visit that island one day! And you look so cute Tori! I love your belly :)

Ambs said...

YES YES YES!!!! I need to squeeze these belly in real life. You guys are so cute!! Love the prego belly tori. You look great.