Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Last Big Vacay for a while

As many of you know vacation time is very important to Joe, mainly to Vacation Joe. With a baby on the way we of course had to get in 1 last big vacation. Don't get me wrong I'm sure we well still have many weekend trips before October but apparently with a new house and a baby life just got a lot more expensive. After many months of debating if we could afford one last big vacation we decided we can. Joe's friend Neil's parents are sailing their way around the Caribbean for who knows how long and invited Neil and Catie to come visit, and then Neil invited us to come visit. SO we're going on down to St. Lucia and sailing around for 6 days. I'm so excited because it is something we have never done before. We were thinking about Hawaii but we can go to Hawaii anytime, sailing around islands doesn't happen to often. So hopefully Neil wasn't joking about us coming because our tickets are booked and I'm looking for swimsuits. We are going the end of May so I'm sure swimsuits aren't going to be my favorite thing to wear being all nice and round, but I think I can suck it up for a couple of days. I'm excited for summer and sun and visiting new islands we haven't visited before!


The Alvords said...

I am soooooooo jealous. When Neil mentioned this trip to us, for some reason I didn't think next month, I thought next year. Doh!!!

Kelsey Stenquist said...

That is so fun! I was telling Justin that we need to start going on more vacations to be fun like you guys! Hope you have a good time!