Wednesday, November 18, 2009

That's whats up

So I live in Utah and it's cold, and snowy and I get sick more than I ever have, and there are only 2 months ( if lucky) of really nice weather and there isn't a beach but we are the 2nd healthiest state in the US. That's right we're number 2 in being healthy. I feel healthier just knowing that. Some say 2 is the number 1 loser but I say 2 is way more accomplished than 1. Anybody ( besides the South) can get number 1 in healthy states, but to be able to squeeze yourself into the middle of 1 and 3 now that's an accomplishment. Even though times I do miss California for warmth and family and friends I am glad to live in the 2nd healthiest state. Living here I think you get a freebie and you get to say you're healthy so that's always plus. and That's whats up

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