Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 for 1

We really like our Happenings book. Each year we get a new book full of coupons for restaurants or different activities. Well this year we discovered, with Brett and Heather, instead of eating 2 for 1 ( 2 meals for 1 price) if we eat Mexican we can eat 4 for 1. Nothing better than eating for 10 bucks at a nice restaurant. On Thursday we went to Blue Iguana. I finally gave in and went to Blue Iguana. I feel bad like I cheated on Red Iguana but just so Red knows, you're still my favorite tacos. Well at Blue we got fajitas and some macho burrito. The description on the burrito says if you can eat it all you get a free dessert, so for sure we thought we could split it between the 2 of us. Well if you look at the picture the burrito was the size of a baby. Really it was as long and as wide as the plate. It had 3 different kinds of meat and smothered in goodness. No way could 1 person eat that whole thing because between the 4 of us we didn't even finish it. Joe had left overs for lunch the next day and it made 2 more burritos. We love 4 for 1.

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