Friday, July 17, 2009

So Far....

so good. I made it to Columbus after a long day of flying. It took 4 1/2 hours to Philadelphia and then I had to back track to Ohio but that was only an hour. And what is up with US Airways showing no movies on such a long flight, that sucked real bad. As for Ohio though it was been real pleasant. My cousin's wife Liz told me how Ohio has the nicest people ever and she was totally right. Last night Joe and I made our first stop to eat at Potbelly's. We go there every day we visit DC and Columbus has one not far from the hotel so we of course went. And the manager there was so nice he was telling us what to go see and on top of that gave us a free milkshake! You may think of course he did because Joe always gets free stuff, but Joe doesn't get everything every time. Usually he gets more when I'm not with him because I get to embarrassed but this time the manager gave us a yummy free Oreo milkshake and it was the perfect ending to a yummy sandwich. Today it's a toss up between a movie and the Afro-American museum hmmmm?
P.S. I love the dream bars from Potbelly's and have always wanted to make them but I could never find the secret recipe. Well now on the back of the package it gives all the ingredients so all I have to figure out is how to put them together to make a little piece of heaven.

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