Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who's your Bieber?

What's a Bieber you may ask? Notice any girl from 8-88 loves Justin Beiber. I'm sure every girl has hundreds of pictures of him and think of him constantly. So a Bieber is someone you're obsessed with. Last year I would have called it a Jonas, just whoever is popular really. Well this weekend Joe and I had a Leonardo Dicaprio weekend of movies; which then reminded me of how much I loved him. I still love all his movies but I'm not printing out pictures of him daily. Yes after Titanic I was completely obsessed with him. I bought a whole book of just pictures of him and printed at least 5 pictures a day of him. I had a whole wall in my room of Leo. In fact me and Tiffany had a competition who had the most Leo pictures. I remember saying I would always love Leo no matter what. I would wish I was Kate Winslet in Titanic or any girl that he kissed just to kiss him. Yup I loved me some Leonardo Dicaprio and I'm not even ashamed of it. Though I still love his acting and movies, he doesn't have those same boyish good looks he once had. I kinda wish I still had my folder of Leonardo memorabilia to show Joe. So yes Leonardo Dicaprio was my Bieber and I think every little girl should have one because when you get older you can see how ridiculous you were as a kid. Leo my 11 year old heart still loves you.


Melody's Voice said...

My Bieber is also Leonardo DiCaprio! OMG, for me it was when Romeo and Juliet came out. I was so obsessed with the movie, and watched it so many times I could recite the whole play/movie! Leo always will hold a special place in my heart, and now I don't only appreciate him for his good looks, but I appreciate his great acting chops now too. I always root for him each award ceremony...him and Brad Pitt :)

linnylou said...

i was in love with him too! i didn't have too many pictures, but i sure did keep the ticket stubs from seeing titanic in the theatre! what a fun post!

Kettle Family said...

i too had that facination when the titanic came out, ethan would not be excited about leo or any of the characters, he would and is excited about the titanic though