Thursday, December 30, 2010

What to blog, what to blog

Besides having the cutest baby ever my blogging ideas have slowly disappeared. It seems all i think about is Finn and how stinkin cute he is. Seriously I want to just squeeze him all day long. Plus he is becoming an amazing sleeper, which makes me love him a tad bit more. He really is amazing but i wanted to blog about something different. SO i thought and thought and then i realized I have way to many guilty pleasures. I am a total nerd and get hooked on these ridiculous shows but I just can't help it when Finn is sleeping and everything else is done to turn on the TV to find myself engulfed in just stupidity. Number 1 secret is Jerseylicious. Just by the name you may want to stop being my friend but seriously I don't know what it is about stupid Jersey people but they make me want to meet them and ask if they are being serious. It's not a slutty show or anything just about some hair salon but oh the drama filled with over the top hair, makeup, clothes, catfights and accents is so entertaining, I just can't seem to turn away. When scanning the channels I try not to scan all the way to style because I know it well be on and then 3 hours of my day has disappeared. Number 2 secret is 16 & Pregnant/ Teen Mom. I think I just like watching this show because it makes me feel better about myself. I'm glad I am not nearly as stupid as the girls on that show. But honestly I can't blame it all on the girls and the guys they pick because their parents are just as stupid, it must be genetics. Maybe my problem is with getting sucked into these shows I just like to see how miserable these people are. Maybe my worst day isn't nearly as bad as the girls on these shows. Maybe my guilty pleasures are there to make me feel better about myself and life. Maybe I'm going to Hell because I find a little bit of happiness in others misery. Maybe these shows are put on TV to teach me what not to do when raising my children so they don't end up on reality shows. I already know number one thing to do while raising my kids is to not move to the South because I'm pretty sure every episode on 16 & pregnant is in the South. Maybe I don't need a reason to like these shows and I like them because they are so entertaining and that's that. Yup I'm a nerd and should be reading books on how to raise Mr. Finn, but in the end I'm happy and a happy Tori filled with guilty pleasures makes for a happy mom and wife.

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Melody's Voice said...

So I love Jerseylicious too! I think the Glam Ferry is re-diculous! I like how she thinks she is super smart. lol.